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Your paid subscription will help us continue to protect you and your loved ones – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your paid subscription is also vitally important in helping MEDEVAC Ambulance keep up with the ever increasing costs of buying ambulances, sophisticated life saving medical equipment and training for our dedicated personnel.

Your paid subscription can also save you money!

Protect yourself and your family today!

Subscription Definitions and Fees:

Family Care Plus ($85.00) – Plan provides emergency coverage for services for ALL permanent family members living at the listed addresses, as well as any related family members or guests that require emergency treatment and transportation.

Family Care ($70.00) – Plan provides emergency coverage for services for ALL permanent family members living at the listed addresses

Individual Care ($50.00) – Plan provides emergency coverage for services for the individual listed on the membership card.

Senior Couple ($60.00) – Plan provides emergency coverage for services for a husband and wife, both of which are at least 62 years of age.

Senior Individual ($45.00) – Plan provides emergency coverage for the individual listed on the membership card who is at least 62 years of age.

For more information or to subscribe to our Membership Program, contact our Business Office at  724-752-1413.

Thank you, in advance, for your continued support!



Frequently Asked Subscription Questions

Q. Why should I become a subscriber?

A. Your subscription assures that MEDEVAC Ambulance will have the staff, vehicles and equipment required to provide around-the-clock emergency protection for you and your family.

Your paid subscription can also save you hundreds of dollars! Subscribers receive a 50% discount on any out-of-pocket expenses (e.g.: deductibles, co-payments, etc.) related to medically necessary emergency ambulance service (provided by MEDEVAC) to the closest appropriate medical facility.

In addition, subscribers also receive discounts on other types of transportation services provided by MEDEVAC such as scheduled non-emergency ambulance transports and wheelchair van trips.

Q. Do I need a subscription if I have health insurance?

A. Yes. Most insurance companies do not pay 100% of total ambulance charges. In fact, most insurance plans require that you pay an ambulance co-pay and/ or deductible. Your paid subscription assures that you will receive a 50% discount on any out-of- pocket expenses related to emergency ambulance service provided by MEDEVAC Ambulance.

Also, keep in mind, that non-subscribers are often responsible for full payment of any and all applicable ambulance charges, which often can exceed $800.00 per trip.

Q. How is MEDEVAC Ambulance reimbursed if I am transported to the hospital?

A. In the event that you need emergency ambulance service, MEDEVAC Ambulance will submit a bill to your insurance company. Insurance payments are then applied to your balance. Once all insurance payments are applied, subscribers receive a 50% discount on any remaining out-of-pocket expenses for emergency ambulance services. The subscriber discount is applied – no matter how frequently you require medically necessary emergency ambulance service.

Q. When does my subscription expire?

A. Your paid subscription is valid from April 1 through March 31.

Q. What if I choose not to subscribe?

A.  You are responsible for any and all charges that your insurance does not cover, including all co-pays and deductibles.

Q. What should I do if my insurance company sends me a check for payment of services provided by MEDEVAC Ambulance?

A. All recipients of service are required to immediately forward any and all reimbursement received to MEDEVAC Ambulance. Failure to
do so will result in the immediate termination of any subscription agreement and you will be held responsible for payment of all outstanding balances.

Q. What is NOT covered by a subscription?

A. The following services ARE NOT covered by your subscription:

  1. 1)  Alternative modes of non-emergency transportation, such as wheelchair van transports
  2. 2)  Certain non-emergency ambulance transports, which may be denied or deemed outside the limits of your insurance coverage
  3. 3)  Ambulance transports which do not meet medical necessity criteria
  4. 4)  Any charges related to long distance ambulance mileage charges or other non- covered charges for transports, which are based solely on patient and/or physician preference

(Subscribers will receive a 50% discount on any applicable out-of-pocket expenses related to these non-covered services provided by MEDEVAC.)

2017 Membership Subscription (Download and print)

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