MEDEVAC AMBULANCE provides a full range of medical transportation services from basic patient transportation to the most advance emergency care. We operate emergency (911) call and response services throughout Lawrence, northern Beaver and southwest Butler Counties. We provide a wide range of medical transportation services from advanced life support to shuttle service for a variety of customers including hospitals, managed care organizations, skilled nursing facilities, communities, employers and you, our most valued customer.

Medevac 9 - August 2012

Advanced Life Support (ALS) describes services wherein paramedics provide emergency treatment and transportation. Paramedics rapidly assess a patient’s medical condition and administer drugs, defibrillate and provide advanced airway management.

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the level of ambulance service for patients who require transport but do not need extensive medical supervision or therapy.

Non-Ambulance Transportation includes wheelchair vans to transport patients safely while they remain in wheelchairs. We offer medical staff for special events like high school football games and community events. We also provide the areas most advanced telephone triage and transportation dispatch center. We work closely with the physicians from area hospitals to assure that we provide the highest quality of care to our patients.



As an experienced leader with strong local roots, quality customer service is our cornerstone of success. In healthcare, quality is not an option. MEDEVAC staff meets all state standards for training and certification. In addition we require ongoing education for clinical personnel.

Technology Leader – MEDEVAC uses the most advanced medical technology available to assure that our patients get the care they need.

Efficient Management Services – MEDEVAC helps our customers navigate the maze of reimbursement regulations to assure maximum allowable insurance coverage.

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